• Making your own Musical Instruments
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While musical instruments aren’t too expensive, they can be out of the price range for some people. Now, wanting to make music is a desire, a need that musicians have in their souls, and money shouldn’t stand in the way of that desire. Thankfully, while instruments themselves can be expensive, the guiding principles behind them are not.

A guitar is just strings tightened and wound around a screw, a flute is just a tube that requires air, and a drum is just material stretched around a base to make a vibration. Once you know the science behind what makes the instruments work, then you can make custom musical instruments san mateo ca. There are dozens of handmade instrument ideas online, and people were making music long before manufactured instruments came around.

All you need to make a guitar for instance, are six strings of varying thickness, six screws you can wind yourself, and a base with a hole that allows vibration. A drum requires a base, a material that can be stretched around it, and that material needs to produce a vibration when hit with something hard. You probably have materials that can serve these purposes around the house, and you just need a little imagination to bring them all to life.

MacGyverring something that works and makes a good sound can really be a point of pride for any musician, and it can be a good workshop on how music is created through the application of vibrations, sound, and air. Music is one part science and one part skill, and once you understand the science behind why instruments work the way they do, you can have a better understanding of the skills needed to play them.

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So pick an instrument of your choice, and research how it works, then find a guide online and start building your own custom weapon of musical destruction! Besides, no one cares how it looks, only how it sounds.