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Small boys always like to play. Big boys like to play too. And even grown men like to play. Women will say. Boys; they just don’t ever grow up. But there’s one thing that little boys and grown men have in common: In different ways, they still like to play their cowboys and crooks games, but that’s not it. A little boy is always beaming from ear to ear when he shows up on the school playground with the new boys western belt buckle he got for his birthday.

And the big feller who shows up at the local with his shining cowboy buckle and wide-brimmed hat is the center of attraction. Of course, these days, he’s not the only one. Because there’s other guys showing up with similar gear. So, who’s who on the ranch?

Especially come Friday nights when the talent show’s in town, there’s a race on to be the best-looking cowboy in the bar. And the girls are sitting to one side, viewing the talent. Now, they don’t mind if their boys don’t grow up. See now, it’s all in the mind.

Why not be young at heart? Maybe you get to live longer with that mindset. Wild at heart? Well now, a man’s got to be a bit more careful, especially when his paunch starts showing his age. Or maybe not. Maybe that belt buckle’s gone and disguised the fact.

No such problems on the school playground. This is about the best age to be alive. It’s expected of you to go out and play. And there’s little to no responsibilities to worry about, all taken care of. Being a boy and all is really good fun. But looking the best is even better.

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